alright !!!! time 4 my next give away!! this is the most expensive one i’ve had so far om g

there will be 3 winners this time! each winner will win one of the above snk figures!!! they’re brand new and unopened and the winners will also get a little letter hand drawn by me that will come in the same package! ヾ(・ω・*)ノ

okay! so! here are the rules bc rules are vry fun


✧ must be following me!!!!

✧ only reblogs count but don’t spam ur followers pls aaa

✧ i can ship anywhere in the world!!! but if u live in space then sorry ur on ur own pal

✧ winners will be chosen at random with a generator

✧ must have ur ask box open!! and be comfortable giving me ur address!!! i’ll also list the three winners in a text post when the give away ends so i hope that’s okay too!

✧ ends on april 25!!!

alrightyyy that’s everything! if u have any questions just shoot me an ask! good luck and good night !!! image

huge update!!!

now, all 3 winners will also get one snk hoodie (pic below) each! i will message the winners asking what size they prefer (small, medium, large) and will order them accordingly!!


good luck!! 

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"Look, I want a mushroom boss. I want a giant, fucking mushroom that attacks you." -JesseCox 2014

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Aegislash by request.

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Happy Easter from Griff, 31 Mar 13 (by Castaway in Scotland)